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What We Do

We're a new kind of consultancy, adept at uniting and integrating social and digital best practices to grow digital businesses. We at Marketechnique are here to support our partners by providing insight into audience and communities, strategic thought leadership, and managed implementation services.

To do that, we help brands, companies and organizations build their internal capabilities by following a strategic process to integrate social and digital initiatives and resources.

Listen Listen
Plan Plan
Engage Engage
Market Market
Measure Measure

We listen to your audience and customers; we plan real-world social and digital strategy; we engage with existing communities and build new ones; we craft integrated marketing programs; we develop digital media products; and we build processes to measure, track and optimize it all.

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Social Media Strategy

Social media strategy is most effective when integrated with overall digital strategy. We advocate a strategy development process that is adaptive, modular and collaborative.

  • Community enhancement strategy
  • Social media strategy & tactics
  • Content development & planning
  • Video/widget concept development
  • Compliance & engagement guidelines
  • Operations roadmap

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the emerging practice of facilitating dialogue and sharing content with your audience, influencers, customers, prospects and companies.

  • Social media profile development
  • Info architecture & design
  • Development & coding
  • Content development & population
  • Community management
  • Content distribution
  • Campaign planning & management
  • Social media acquisition

Social Media Analytics

Social media monitoring and measuring are two parallel processes. Listening is qualitative, ongoing and can also measure campaign sentiment. Measure is about tracking quantitative info, actions, and outcomes.

  • Social graph monitoring
  • Sentiment & reputation monitoring
  • Ongoing campaign testing/tracking
  • Back-end tracking integration

Digital Strategy

Whether you are re-launching your web site, building a new digital business, or starting up a venture in digital media, an integrated product and marketing strategy is the keystone of success.

  • Leadership & general management
  • Content development & planning
  • Product strategy & tech evaluation
  • Marketing & audience development strategy
  • Business model development
  • Financial modeling
  • Operations roadmap

Ad Sales & Business Development

We are experts digital advertising, revenue generation, and business development. We excel at gaining access to relevant and high-quality content and business partners.

  • Ad sales strategy
  • Sales development
  • Ad sales management
  • Advertising product development
  • Deal generation
  • Partnership development
  • Content syndication
  • Business development strategy

Digital Marketing

Full-service marketing support is our specialty. We provide turnkey coverage across the full panorama of digital marketing best-practices.

  • Online media planning
  • Offline media planning
  • Media buying
  • Campaign management
  • Campaign analytics
  • Acquisition marketing
  • Concept development
  • Copywriting
  • Viral marketing
  • Audience development

Design & Development

The Marketechnique team can provide end-to-end support to implement website launches. Planning. Design and development. Project management and content development — 360° of coverage.

  • Information architecture
  • Wireframing & page flow diagrams
  • Prototyping
  • User interface & user experience design
  • Content management systems
  • Project management
  • End-to-end launch services